Lift your conversion rate with us
+ have the work pay for itself.Invest in full service optimization where we'll deliver results.

A partnership to us means that we'll choose to work closely together to increase your online business goals. It means that we'll both take part in the process. It means that we'll both share the risk & reward. It means full service. And it means playing the long game as we give each other enough time to test, iterate and compound on wins.

By Partnering, We Deliver Powerful Results Such As:

+8% Revenue For Over 7 Months / 15 Tests / +30% Signups / +8% Revenue

We prioritized, designed and developed over 15 tests during a 7 month period for New Zealand's largest dating site. These tests lead to results of +10% signups, +21% signups and +8% in revenue.

+80% Sales For An Online Ticket Reseller Over 1 Year / 11 Tests / +80% Sales

Over the course of more than a year, we also designed and ran over 11 tests for an online ticket reseller. At the end of the project we were able to validate a +80% to sales using Google Analytics. Three of the bigger wins included: +34% to sales with a checkout redesign, +24% to sales from improved usability on a seat selection page, and +32% to sales from clearer search results.

+17% Sales For Over 3 Months / 3 Tests / +17% Sales

Working with an accountability company for internet browsing habits, we ran 3 tests and found 1 interesting winner. After doing a series of homepage changes that addressed customers’ uncertainties, we found +17% more paid account sales.

Before We Decide To Partner We'll First Need To:

Discuss your return on investment

We want our work to be a valuable investment for you with a meaningful payback of months (not years). We want to agree on fees which will make business sense for you.

Discuss your key business goals & targets

We also want to understand your primary goals and set targets. We want to see the result of our work through your analytics to make sure we are helping you reach your targets.

Discuss your site's traffic

We want to have enough sensitivity to detect relative effects as low as +5% and higher / per month. This usually means having monthly unique visitors of 50k or more, with 1,000+ transactions.

Each Month You Can Expect:

Continous Prioritization of Testing Ideas

We'll work with you to develop and maintain a prioritized list of ideas to test across your key conversion pages. We'll position outselves to focus on testing ideas that have: highest effect potential, lowest effort, and shortest testing duration. We will identify the best ideas to test based on a combination of your own deep customer knowledge, existing analytics and our own experience.

Testing Velocity Of At Least 1+ Test Per Month

We'll work with you to have at least 1 test running each month with minimal testing downtime in between. If your traffic and testing scope allows for it, we will design and launch additional tests.

Access To Our Experience Of 100's Of Tests

We're experts in UI design with a focus on conversion optimization. We've designed and seen over a hundred of experiments. We'll share with you this deep expertise throughout the project.

Test Concepting

Together we'll agree on the ideas that we want to take into the next test. We'll take one key idea or two and design a full test concept around it with possible multiple variations.

Detailed Visual Design

We can generate detailed mockups for test ideas along with copy, if needed.

Light Weight Development, QA & Test Setup

We can deliver HTML and Javascript for simpler changes. For more complex changes, we will work with your dev team to get dynamic components working (if we need to). We also make sure the code is working before and after each test starts.

Test Maintenance & Reporting

We can setup the test using or an alternative tool and make sure it runs smoothly. We'll monitor the test closely on a weekly basis and send you bi-weekly updates.

We Are Open To Sharing The Risk & Reward

Each partnership project is priced with a hybrid model containing a fixed monthly cost and a performance bonus which we would agree on (and optionally adjust). We measure performance based on relative increases to a primary goal(s) that we establish together. This way, we take on and share some of the risk.

Email me to start a conversation and I'll get back to you within 1 day.
We just want to learn more about your business at this point.
I reply to everyone 100% of the time. :)

Answers to Common Questions

Will you strain my busy development team?

Usually No.We know that you have other important projects to build and we'll work around those independently. Once you inject our JavaScript tracking snippet into the target pages, we can lead 95% of most projects. There might be times we reach out to your dev teams for more complex back-end support. If you want us to work with your front-end teams, that's possible as well.

How do you measure the performance fee?

In relative terms per each test. If we agree on a performance element, we'll measure it on a per winning test basis. That is, for each strongly winning test, we take its relative increase and calculate the performance right there. We then hand off the winning test to you for implementation, invoice for it, and it becomes the new baseline that we'll further try to improve upon.

Will the results of the test be reliable?

Yes.We make sure to run all tests with a proper sample size and a healthy duration. We'll look at: statistical significance, margins of error, week-to-week consistency and secondary metrics to gauge the strength of our effects.

Who do you typically work with?

Online businesses with traction.We work with established online businesses and startups that have monthly visitors of 50,000 or more. This usually provides us with enough traffic to setup the tests. However, it depends on many things (the metric, its baseline, page scope, and effect sensitivity) so talk to us.

How long does a test usually run for?

It depends.The bare minimum is 1-2 weeks for higher traffic sites. The longest we'll run a test for is about 1-2 months for lower traffic sites. In order to reach greater statistical validity, we'll come up with a testing strategy that accounts for your existing traffic and existing conversion rate.

What results may I expect from this?

We're confident we can help.Although each test is different, looking at past projects however we have achieved a median 7% relative improvement rate. That's why we offer performance based agreements and we share the risk. Alternatively, we try to retest at least once on a failed test.

Do you implement winning tests?

No. After completing a successful test, the responsibility to implement the winner falls on your team. Although we can share the tested code to make your life easier, it's best that your developers implement winners properly.

What Would +10% or +20% Do For Your Business?

Email me to start a conversation and I'll get back to you within 1 day.
We just want to learn more about your business at this point.
I reply to everyone 100% of the time. :)

What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying

After looking at the same page for months you lose sight of your product in the eyes of the customer. Linowski helped Covenant Eyes refocus on how the customer experiences Internet Accountably right on the homepage. By focusing on the prospect first, Covenant Eyes was able to more clearly articulate our value and answer common questions in those critical first few seconds on the homepage. ” - Nicole Morris, Marketing Manager at
We experienced an 80% lift in conversion % over the course of the first year in working with Linowski. While we made other improvements, it was in large part due from the efforts of Jakub and his team at GoodUI. Thoughtful, scientific and creative - they were a pleasure to work with. ” - Jeremy Vlcan, Owner at Event Ticket Sales