Interactive Sketching Notation v1.2

The next version of the Interactive Sketching Notation is rolling out today. One of the biggest adjustment was to the Adobe Illustrator template by adjusting the scale of all the icons, screens and widgets from a way smaller scale to a more screen friendly set. Before, when I tried to export my sketches from Illustrator I realized that all the work is so tiny that it is unreadable. So now the template contains 1024×768+ and 1366×768+ scaled screen outlines (along with additional iPhone, iPad, Android device screens) that are all to scale on a standard computer monitor. Screens edges have also been straightened a bit to make it easier to align items.

Another big improvement was expanding the set of sketchy style icons to 49. I spent a few good hours drawing out typical icons for things like: zooming in, zooming out, cameras, social icons, trash cans, settings, attachments, portraits, shopping carts, etc, etc. Hoping this might be useful.

Finally, the other improvement is in expanding the range of widgets such as sliders, progress bars, date pickers and an android keyboard.

Although the notation itself is shareable under Creative Commons, the Illustrator Template is now a paid product ($19 CAD) – as I’m putting more time into it (and plan on in the future).

Please let me know if you have recommendations, requests or just want to give feedback.


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