Interactive Sketching Notation v1.1

Here is a quick and minor update to the Interactive Sketching Notation. The new release comes with a few additional icons (thumbs up, thumbs down, starring, file, portrait, folder) which I found I use on many projects over and over again. Another thing I’ve done was to clean up the Character Styles to have more “dark text” styles, as well as an orange “Feedback” style. Two new back and forward buttons, as well as a larger default standard button were included as well. Finally, I’ve also added an additional pagination component. Will try to throw in a couple extra ones in the future. Oh, and for those who wish to support the project, I’ve enabled the option to purchase a royalty free license. Cheers.

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2 Responses to “Interactive Sketching Notation v1.1”

  1. andy says:

    Very interesting notation…
    Since you went on this path of standardization I was wondering if you ran into any ideal solution to sketch an AJAX server request/feedback… does one have to create a new page state for something like this? should AJAX appear in your events list?!

    • Jakub Linowski says:

      Hi Andy,

      Would love to hear more in terms of what you had in mind. Could it work to use the smaller state screens to show what changed, after someone has done an action? Maybe there needs to be an explicit symbol to denote that a page does not refresh – is that what you had in mind?


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