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Patterns, patterns and more UI RIA patterns

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Nice find of 30 common patterns of rich internet application controls. – via Konigi. Ahhh… can’t get enough of jQuery samples. Last week I also came across the UI Pattern Library which also launched recently I believe. The site contains a nice collection of even more patterns and is scheduled to grow.

onProximity Behaviour with Regeneration

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

exp_onproximity Thinking of how to hide the user interface when not needed, I came up with this little rough experiment. This idea explores two combined interactions. First, a ranged interaction onProximity rule has been written which increases the opacity or transparency of an element the closer the cursor is to it. It also hides the element if the cursor if further away. The assumption here is that if the user is working (moving the mouse) in the central space, he or she does not need items cluttering the interface on the sides at that particular moment.

In order to increase the item’s discoverability, a second rule has been put in place, which after some inactivity of the mouse regenerates the hidden element. This way, the user is reminded subtly that the interface element is available if needed.


Context Sensitive Interfaces

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Just found a nice video on some very inspiring thoughts challenging UI conventions by Alex and Aza from Mozilla. Amongst a couple of insights these two in their Design Review podcast talk about areĀ  such things as: discoverability, design for first time use vs. efficient use, context sensitive interfaces, and full screen interfaces.