Cursor Affordances


Advanced interactions such as double left clicks, right clicks, mouse scrolling, and dragging (not visible here) are increasingly useful for enabling richer ways of providing input. These interaction posibilities, as useful as they are, however are often invisible to the user. More so, often multiple interactions (such as a left click and right click) are possible at the same time in a particular place. That’s where traditional cursors break down. This simple experiment, with the help of some CSS and Javascript, aims to provide clearer visual indicators and combat the problems with floating multi layered cursor affordances.


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7 Responses to “Cursor Affordances”

  1. Tom Brinck says:

    I like this direction, very interesting. The scrolling indicator in particular is very clear and potentially helpful. The double-click in isolation looks like an infinity symbol, which is confusing, so I'd suggest at least moving the dots apart. The right click is only clear if you've seen it in the context of the left click (and the whole convention still has to be learned). I wonder if there's a way to more clearly communicate right click.

    • Hey Tom. I totally agree about it looking too much like an infinity sign. :) I also think there could be a clearer way to convey these actions. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Jakub says:

    This is all very insteresting! What is the cursor changed to small mouse buttons with one highlighted?

  3. Nathaniel says:

    VERY cool. I'm not sure how quickly this would be adopted, but you are onto something very, very cool. Keep it up =]

  4. Pepper says:

    Very cool idea, but there is a slight flaw. Luckily its easily corrected :) Other than the scroll icon, the other icons have no common context so the user will need to be educated or learn what the icons mean through trial and error.

    Consider using clear icons, they take up a little more space, but might be more usable.

  5. Nagaraj says:

    A simple coloring, like a green dot would do better for this. on a next the white dots are often unnoticeable.

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